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07 November 2018

Well, we are nearly into summer & the North Westerly winds have started to blow here in Canterbury. I just hate them, they do so much damage & other than my face looking frustrated at the gusts of drying wind even the plants look completely over the constant barrage. It has been really dry and I think it may be time to start watering the garden. You are much better to water deeply less often than just a quick water frequently.
Our garden is full of Rhododendrons and delightfully with each year that passes they grow bigger & bigger. Some of them have now finished flowering so we all know that means its time to dead head them.  What a task!  I must admit to not doing all of ours, it just gets too overwhelming & time consuming but it really does help the plant. So in the next few weeks I will have my small snips out filling large buckets of sticky deadheads so that next spring we get another wonderful display of vibrant colour - it will be all worth it.


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